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High Academic Standards

with a Biblical Foundation

Christ Lutheran School is a mission and ministry of Christ Lutheran Church, providing Christian education for children in our community and surrounding areas since 1993.

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After parents and members of Christ Lutheran Church met weekly for prayer, the congregation voted to open a Christian Day School. The doors of Christ Lutheran School opened in September of 1993 to kindergarten through grade three. During the following years, grades four through eight were added.  The learning experiences at Christ Lutheran School are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help our students make an impact on the world.  

Parent & Student Feedback

“We praise God for the blessing that our family has come to know the staff, students and families at Christ Lutheran School. Moving here from southwest Wisconsin and not knowing many people or the community, Christ Lutheran School jumped right in to help us feel comfortable and welcome. The staff and families that attend Christ Lutheran School quickly accepted our family and loved us from the beginning. They made our son feel welcome, loved and comfortable with the brokenness that was in his heart. Everyone helped him in the healing process and we could see him grow and blossom, smile and laugh, love and live again. Christ Lutheran School loved our son and our family from the very beginning.

We absolutely love and appreciate that God’s Word is integrated into the entire curriculum at Christ Lutheran School. We can speak Jesus’ name at our son’s school! This is how it should be, as we are to love God first as we are all His children. Our son knows Jesus as his friend, his Savior and Lord. To know that our beliefs, our values and our faith commitment was being supported and reinforced in our son’s education was so very important to us. Not only are the academics high, but I believe the teachers truly care about you. We cannot thank Christ Lutheran School enough for all that they have done for our family. We cannot thank our son’s teacher enough for her patience, kindness and loving heart to build our son’s confidence and help him learn all the skills that he did in his Kindergarten year! Thank you Christ Lutheran School!"

The Dorwin Family

Why We Chose Christ Lutheran School: With five kids, we often had two or three or even four attending Christ Lutheran School at one time.

Let me start with the other end of schooling. All of our kids have gone to high school at Chi-Hi. This has worked very well for us. We appreciate all that a big high school has to offer -- marching band, choir, advanced placement classes in just about every subject, science fairs, shop classes,
and so forth. 
We believe that by the time a child enters high school, he is old enough to stand his ground in matters of morality and philosophy. However, that assumes that the child has a solid foundation from his elementary years. One thing we noticed when our kids were very young is that they believe anything they are told! So as parents we must be very careful who we allow to shape the minds of our children.

Now, we know some excellent school teachers in public elementary schools in our district. But there are two reasons we were still looking for an alternative.

First, there are no guarantees -- if your kid ends up with a teacher who doesn't share your values, there's not much you can do about it. Second, even if your child is fortunate enough to get into a public school class with a great Christian teacher, that teacher is limited in what he/she can talk about. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," said Joshua. Especially when minds are young and malleable, we wanted our kids to be in a setting where Scripture is honored and taught not only as a "religion" class, but where it's allowed to permeate all subjects.

We were considering home-schooling back in 1994, when we first heard about Christ Lutheran School. We heard it was a small, Christian school that was started by a bunch of home-schooling moms, using some of the same curriculum they were already familiar with. We signed up our oldest son Ben for kindergarten starting the following September. Once Ben started at CLS, we never had any doubts or thoughts of doing anything else. We were thrilled with the experiences of all five of our kids at CLS.

There are other advantages of CLS beyond the Christian emphasis. The course work is excellent -- graduates of CLS are usually well ahead of their peers when they get to high school. Parental involvement is not only tolerated, but strongly encouraged. Beth had been at school every Thursday for years! She had filled lots of roles, from correcting to janitorial to even substitute teaching.

I was blessed to be able to teach free-market principles through Junior Achievement to every grade level, for at least ten different years.

Everything about CLS is truly a team effort: parents, teachers, and students all working together toward a common goal. That goal is the education of our children, "training them up in the way they should go," spiritually, morally, emotionally, and physically, in addition to academically.

We were truly blessed to have had each of our kids spend eight years at CLS. 

Tom & Beth Arneberg

"I can't really tell you how much my life has changed since I came to Christ Lutheran School. First of all, I was easily swayed by the crowd. Now I have a firm foundation to know my standards by the Bible. Every day, I would hear a new verse. Every time we prayed it reminded me of how important prayer is, a direct line to heaven, a way to sabotage Satan's plan."

Former Student

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

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